Spray tanning in Saffron Walden

Sun-kissed skin is the perfect way to promote a body confidence boost. A Beauty Box spray tan in Saffron Walden will leave your skin looking instantly revitalised, giving you a natural healthy glow. Here at the Beauty Box we are determined to only use the best products. Our spray tan experts have carried out a little research into which tanning product gives the most desirable results, as well as includes ingredients that are natural and nourishing to the skin.

Natural, nourishing and flawless spray tan

The irresistibly wholesome ingredients of Kissed by Mii include marine minerals, coral seaweeds and coastal flowers. Promoting sumptuously soft skin whilst developing a flawless finish, Kissed by Mii was the obvious spray tanning product of choice. Here at the Beauty Box, we offer a half or full body tan with a three step process to help you prepare your skin. This ensures you receive the most radiant results. Kissed by Mii offer a range of products that will ensure your body is prepped for spray tanning each and every time. Choose from a variety of Kissed by Mii prep products, including the Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator, Effortlessly Easy Tanning Lotion or Mousse and Daily Boost Body and Face Cream. Key ingredients for these wonderful products include sea lavender, which is known for its hydrating and vitamin rich benefits, and Inula flower, which promotes the body’s absorption of nutrients.

Call now for your sun-kissed glow

For a natural spray tan in Saffron Walden that will leave your skin feeling irresistible to touch, book an appointment with the Beauty Box. Our spray tan technicians will inform you of everything you need to know to fully prepare yourself for one of our tans so that it stays looking fabulous for as long as possible. Call us now on 01799 516212 and speak to one of our friendly team.

kissed by mii
kissed by mii

Half body tan


Full body tan


Kissed by mii products

Seriously smoothing exfoliator

Key ingredients:  sea lavender | inula flower | coral seaweed Our super fine, gentle exfoliator is suitable for the face as well as the body, delicately buffing away dry skin to create a smooth surface for a longer lasting flawless tan. Follow with our moisturiser to deeply nourish and perfectly prime your skin.



Effortlessly easy tanning lotion

Key ingredients: red seaweed | green algae | coral seaweed Ultra moisturising and ideal for dry skin



Effortlessly easy tanning mousse

Key ingredients: red seaweed | green algae | coral seaweed Light and airy texture Very fast to dry



Daily boost body cream

Key ingredients: red seaweed | green algae | coral seaweed



Daily boost face cream

Key ingredients: sea lavender | inula flower | coral seaweed



Seriously smoothing moisturiser

Key ingredients: sea lavender | inula flower | coral seaweed Our multi benefit, super hydrating moisturiser, contains plant collagen to prolong the life of your tan. Apply daily and after four days, use our exfoliator to help your tan fade evenly.



Achieve golden gorgeousness and a flawless finish with a Kissed by Mii spray tan